Children's program of the exhibition "At the Edge of Nature: Black Forest". "Naive" art "


October 17, 11:00

The Vyksa Art Residence invites children from 7 to 12 years old to the Naive Art. Children's workshop of the program "At the Edge of Nature: Black Forest".

In the lesson together with the children, we will find out what museums are, why they were invented, what important functions they perform, and how museums differ from exhibitions. We will find out if a person without education and in adulthood can fulfill his dream and become an artist, we will also find out what “naive” art is and how to distinguish it from ordinary drawings of amateurs.

During this discussion, children will be able to share into teams and search for “naive” works at the exhibition, and at the end of the lesson, together with the little artists, we will come up with a plot for their own “naive” painting and open an exhibition inside the exhibition!

The lesson will be held in the Museum of History of the Vyksa plant OMK, at the address: st. Lenin, 5.

The photo shows one of the works of the primitivist painter Vladimir Mizinov.

Admission is free, registration is via the link.