Humour in photography

Saturday, 1 April, 5pm
EX LIBRIS space (18+)

On Saturday, April 1st we invite you to an open lecture by our resident artist and professional photographer Yulia Abzaltdinova about categories of humour and types of its use.

Julia will show the work of different photographers and contemporary artists who work with humour, irony and sarcasm as a method for creating a visual narrative and as a tool for understanding different social themes.

The artist will invite the audience to turn to the classics of documentary photography - the works of such authors as Robert Duano, Elliott Erwitt, Richard Calvar, Martin Parr, as well as our contemporaries. An important part of the lecture will be a story about the project that Julia is currently implementing in her residence in Vyksa together with the residents of the city.

The EX LIBRIS space is located at 7 Lenina Street.
Photo from Yulia Abzaltdinova's Chad project.