Olesya and Sasha are contemporary artists, and in Vyksa they will continue their series of collaborative projects centered on the observation of changes in our senses in response to post-digital modernity.

Their first project "Session #1: Distant Touch" was about the phenomenology of tactility. Their next project was "Session #2: Inner Sight". Its topic was internal human impulses that arise during the interaction with the external environment. The project in Vyksa - "Session №3. Fete Fate" - will be devoted to how changes in society influence the most necessary product - bread, its recipe and taste.

Olesya Lavrinenko is a multimedia artist from Novorossiysk and now lives and works in Moscow. In her work she asks how our physical bodies are connected to the digital world in the face of intense technological and social change. Olesya works both with traditional media: painting, graphics, ceramics, and with digital graphics.

Sasha Gosmant was born in Cheboksary. At the moment she lives and works in Moscow and in Lille. She is interested in the problems of collective experience in an eco-technological future, how the spiritual intertwines with the technological. In her practice she uses everyday materials and found objects, combining them in unexpected ways.