"Tough" and "What a beautiful house - I'd like to live in it"

presentation of two projects by Diana Shliman
On June 23 at 17:00 the cultural centre Volna

Diana Shliman will show two of her projects, created in Vyksa: "Tough" and "What a beautiful house - I would like to live in it".

The project "Tough" is built on the experience of visiting the factory - a powerful and transcendent journey that Diana speaks of as a challenging physical experience for both the viewer ("I felt everything shrink inside, heavy sensations in the body") and the workers ("Very hard physical work, [in which] the bodily is shared with the creative").

The second project, an object entitled "What a beautiful house - I would like to live in it", is an attempt to work with the way in which the Wave building, where the art residence is located, is embedded in the social fabric of the city. Diana describes the relationship between the building and the context as complex and ambiguous, she describes The Wave "as a jewel", the second one locals are slow to approach: it is not always clear to them what they do here and whether there is a place for them here. And only children, who have nowhere to play, whose playgrounds are outdated and dilapidated, reach for The Wave, taking it directly, physically and emotionally.

Admission is free.
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Volna" Culture Center ul. 1 May 36.