Black Metal

26 May (Friday), 17:30 | Volna Cultural Centre 12+

Personal exhibition by Slava Nesterov "Black Metal", dedicated to the musical community of Vyksa from 1990s-2000s.

It is an empathic art project, devoted, on the one hand, to a concrete city and pages of history of musical community and its representatives, on the other hand, to one of the most touching and free periods of the modern Russian cultural history, which even today remains a breeding ground and an inspiration for images in the traditions of new Russian romanticism.

The artist has organised the space of the exhibition on the basis of the peculiarities of the architecture of The Wave and by inscribing the objects in the arches of the exhibition hall. According to the artist's idea three objects placed inside them form an image of a musical band of three people. The central object is made of real guitars, and the artist intends to use it for performance. Graphics, videos and archive materials are also available.

Admission is free.
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