Valery Konkov's exhibition opening

Valery Konkov's exhibition opening


June 12 at 18:00

“This project is my way to explore and comprehend the historical memory of Vyksa. For the first time I came across it in historical articles and in a museum: through archival photographs and documents. The historian's interest led me further: who is not visible behind the "big story"? I began to look closely at things that were mentioned in passing, asking people about them.

Among the "invisible" were thousands of forced laborers who arrived here at the end of the 18th century to create an iron-making industry. We do not know their names or biographies. Since the days of the first workers, women have been involved in Vyksa construction and production. During the Soviet period, working on an equal basis with men, women were not relieved of the responsibilities of motherhood and maintenance of everyday life.

In the exhibition space, I combine these alternative, seemingly imperceptible stories, and place them on a red visual line, symbolizing resource extraction - fire and the color of the iron ore cut. I strive to restore justice - to give people and stories the opportunity to physically symbolically fix themselves in space and acquire a distinct voice in the history of Vyksa, ”said the photographer.

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st. Vavilina, 4.