July 24, 6:00 pm MSK

During her stay at the Vyksa art residence, Varvara created a project dedicated to the perception of the image of clergy among the people. The presentation will take place at the VSW History Museum.

«This is a project about the responsibility of making personal decisions, which many believers often shift onto the shoulders of a pastor,» said Varvara. — And also about the public assessment of the church as a whole, which is often based on the words and deeds of only one of its representatives. Parishioners often consult with the pastor about every significant and insignificant event in life, shifting responsibility for the result of this decision onto the shoulders of the clergyman.

Like robes, Varvara Grankova takes off her memories and role models of behavior in a religious family, and passes them through the filters of the symbolism of the real attributes of the ministers of the church.

The resident collected the material for the project with the help of the residents of Vyksa, who brought their things, from which the resident created the installation.

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